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200 Hours Hatha & Astanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India 2020.

We offer 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Our Yoga School at Rishikesh where you will study in an environment that promotes concentration, inspiration, and excellence. Our yoga instructor certification qualifies you to be a proper trained Yoga Instructor with authorization by the prestigious Yoga Alliance.

For all those who are in the quest of eternal peace and harmony can take benefits of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh for immense benefits. This not only helps a person to come out of his pre-defined mental boundaries but also opens up his intellect and conscious receptors to receive the bliss of divine. Under guided instructions and influence of the Ashram lifestyle, the practitioners can feel a rejuvenated self after completion of this 200 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Our program extends over four weeks where our team will inspire your passion for yoga while instilling the essential methods you will use as a successful teacher. Opting this 200-hour yoga teacher training course gives you permission to become a yoga teacher and run your own yoga classes. This means that you have learned everything about yoga philosophy, anatomy, postures, history of yoga and now you can pass the knowledge and wisdom of yoga to others.

The teaching methodology is one of the most important parts of the course as our students will learn the following:

  • How to conduct a class
  • Classroom management
  • How to get in and come out from the posture
  • How to assist & help while teaching the class
  • Which kind of words you should be used as a yoga teacher
  • What makes you different than other teachers in terms of teaching.
  • Which kind of asanas you should recommend with a different health issue
  • How to use belts, bolster, bricks and chair during the class adjustment.

Discipline to be followed by the Students

• It is strictly prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol or use mind-altering drugs in the school.
• If you plan not to have your meal any day, inform the kitchen Manager 3 hours before.
• Respect your teachers and follow all the RULES made by the school for your successful course.
• Always be in the time, you are if late means you will not be permitted to join the class.
• Before departure remember to return goods that you borrowed; books, maps, etc
• Samadhi Yoga Ashram provides accommodation for a student who joins yoga classes. So any friends or relatives will not be included in the accommodation. If anybody is coming with you please inform the school earlier.
• The student must attend all scheduled programs of Ganga Yogshala.

Refund Policy – Ganga Yogshala

• An advance of a course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.
• If a student cancels the course, we accept cancellation but the advance deposit will not be refunded in spite of cancellation.
• There is no charge for course cancellation. Student just has to inform by email.
• Ganga Yogshala is not responsible for any mishappenings before the course schedule.